Fly to 2014 on Champagne...

As 2014 approaches and you prepare to fly to sky on champagne this New Year, remember that as those tiny bubbles tickle your nose, you are getting tipsier quicker than usual. Though there are many theories as to why the bubbly causes those who consume it to feel the alcohol faster than other alcoholic beverages, generally the studies all show the same result, which is an inebriated individual.

The carbonation in the beverage may be causing blood to absorb the alcohol up to 50% faster ( ). The instant head rush may also be attributed to how quickly champagne is consumed, since, unlike noncarbonated alcoholic beverages, champagne taste best shortly after it is freshly poured. Who wants to drink flat, warm champagne?

...But Drink Responsibly

While the jury may still be out as to why champagne makes is woozy, one thing this New Year is certain. Regardless of which alcoholic beverage you prefer to drink while you celebrate, keep in mind that highway patrol is out in full force, and, not to mention, the streets are filled with partygoers who are most likely not paying much attention to the cars on the road.

Make sure that you do not start off 2014 by getting a DUI, or worse. Instead, resolve to be responsible for yourself and others. If you are the host, do not let people leave your party without securing a designated ride home such as a taxi or a clearly sober designated driver. If you are leaving a party, make sure that you have a designated driver or ride. Or, if you are sober, offer to be the designated driver for friends who are clearly in no position to drive.

How to Expunge a DUI

If you do get charged with a DUI, make sure that you follow all of the court requirements such as paying fines owed to the court, and completing court ordered community service and/or rehabilitation programs. Once you have satiated the mandatory waiting period, you may be eligible to expunge your DUI from your criminal record. Unlike having an offense on your driving record that will fall off after a certain number of years, your DUI will stay on your criminal record until you have the offense expunged. Having a DUI on your criminal record may prevent you from passing background checks for employment and housing.

Make sure that your New Year celebration does not result with an offense on your criminal record. If you do end up with an offense on your criminal record, then make sure that you expunge the DUI as soon as possible. Hiring an experienced expungement attorney may help you to complete the expungement process more quickly. The right expungement attorney will be able to navigate you through the DUI expungement process from filing the motion to representing you in court. Make sure that the attorney that you hire is licensed by the state bar, has experience expunging DUI's in your respective county, and offers a money back guarantee.